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Concept & Application of Transdisciplinarity

Project Leader: Dr Leonard Martin

Project Coordinator: Jeffrey Sehume

Faculty of Humanity
Project started

August 08 2011

Estimated end date:

September 29 2013



The research project on The Concept and Application of Transdisciplinarity examines the use of transdisciplinarity as an innovative tool of analysis to address the multiple challenges facing South Africa in the building of an inclusive society. The research interrogates how transdisciplinarity may be applied in education and in society generally, and includes case studies being undertaken at identified centres of higher learning. 

The case studies focus particularly on identifying successes of, and constraints on, transdisciplinary practice on developmental knowledge production, and the lessons to be gained from this study for education, research and societal discourse. Furthermore, the study investigates the advantages of employing transdisciplinarity in areas of policy planning for educational curricula, development of previously unacknowledged discourses such as indigenous knowledge systems, and alignment of skills responsive to developmental and transformative challenges.

The research project on The Concept and Application of Transdisciplinarity  was finalised in  March 2013 and the findings were published June 2013 in a research report entitled The Concept and Application of Transdisciplinarity in Intellectual Discourse and Research.

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