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MISTRA is an independent research institute that takes a long-term view on the strategic challenges facing South Africa. 
The following are MISTRA’s priority research projects (PRPs) since its inception in March 2011










  • The Role Of The Arts In South Africa's 30 Year Strategic Plan
  • Basic Education – In Pursuit Of Stability In Curricula, ‘The Calling Of Teaching’
  • The History Of South African Innovations – The Trends, Mature Nie Areas And Managing Transition From Research To Application And Commercialisation
  • The Pedagogy Of Mathematics: Is There A Unifying Logic?
  • Beyond The Imagination: Genetics, Nano- And Bio-Technologies And Their Applications; 
  • The Great Recession And Its Implications For Human Values And The Philosophy Of Social Relations
  • Changing Economic Balances In Africa: Implications For Competitive And Comparative Advantages, Integration And Geo-Politics.
  • The Arithmetic of Savings