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MISTRA is an independent research institute that takes a long-term view on the strategic challenges facing South Africa. 

The following are MISTRA’s priority research projects (PRPs) since its inception in March 2011

·         The Art, Philosophy and Science of Football in South Africa

·         From Agriculture to Agricology: Towards a Glocal Cirular Economy

·         The Concept and Application of Transdisciplinarity: In Intellectual Discourse and Research

·         South Africa and the Global Hydrogen Economy: The Strategic Role of Platinum Group Metals

·         Patronage Politics Divide Us: A Study of Poverty, Patronage and Inequality in South Africa

·         Essays on the Evolution of the Post-Apartheid State

·         Nation Formation and Social Cohesion: An Enquiry into the Hopes and Aspirations of South Africans

·         The Rise and Decline and Rise of China: Searching for an Organising Philosophy

·         Mapungubwe Reconsidered: A Living Legacy-Exploring Beyond the Rise and Decline of the Mapungubwe State

·         Earth, Wind and Fire: Unpacking the Political, Economic and Security Implications of Discourse on the Green Economy

·         20 Years of South African Democracy: So Where to Now?

·         Resurgent Resource Nationalism: A Study into the Global Phenomenon

·         The Role of Intellectuals in the State-Society Nexus

·         The Great Recession and its Implications for Human Values: Lessons for Africa

·         The Emergence of Systems of Innovation in South(ern) Africa: Long Histories and Contemporary Debates

·         Changing Economic Balances and Integration in ‘Africa Rising’

·         Reimagining Basic Education in South Africa: Lessons from the Eastern Cape

·         The Pedagogy of Mathematics in South Africa: Is there a Unifying Logic?

·         Seeking the Ethical Foundations of the South African Nation

·         Beyond Imagination: The Ethics and Applications of Nanotechnology and Bio-Economics in South Africa  

Please access more information on these publications here


The following are MISTRA's research projects currently underway​

  • Whites, Afrikaans, Afrikaners: Addressing Post-Apartheid Legacies, Privileges and Burdens 
  • The Political Economy of Mining in South Africa
  • Mediating Convergence and Divergence: Traditional Leadership and Customs in a Constitutional Democracy
  • Epidemics and Health Systems in Africa

  • Geopolitics and Empire Building: What Can We Learn from the Past to Achieve Global Peace?
  • The Role of The Arts in South Africa's 30 Year Strategic Plan
  • The Arithmetic of Savings
  • Platinum Group Metals Exchange
  • Tenderpreneurship
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution