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Beyond The Imagination: Genetics, Nano- And Bio-Technologies And Their Applications

Project Leader: Radhika Perrot

Project Coordinator: Radhika Perrot

Faculty of KESA
Project started

November 01 2013

Estimated end date:

January 30 2015



Beyond the imagination: genetics, Nano- and bio-technologies and their applications will begin by attempting to define the fields of genetic, Nano- and bio-technologies  and their utility for humanity. It will explore the evolution of each of the sciences, and their possible trajectories going forward.  It will also examine the possibilities that these sciences present in solving major challenges facing humanity today, such as new material development through nano-technology and will seek to research the application of these sciences in South Africa today as well as the scientific, social and moral dangers.  It will explore possible ways of refining the South African regulatory system to take full advantage of these sciences, and minimise the dangers.

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