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Book launched on the 10 November 2016World Expo Workshop FacilitatorsAnnual Report 2015/16Low Carbon Economy Roundtable SpeakersPGM & Fuel Cells Roundtable SpeakersMISTRA Y at the PGM & Fuel Cells RoundtableEthics Conference at DBSA Ethics Conference Day 2 SpeakersEthics Conference Day 1 Speakers

Book launched on the 10 November 2016

World Expo Workshop Facilitators

Annual Report 2015/16

Low Carbon Economy Roundtable Speakers

PGM & Fuel Cells Roundtable Speakers

MISTRA Y at the PGM & Fuel Cells Roundtable

Ethics Conference at DBSA

Ethics Conference Day 2 Speakers

Ethics Conference Day 1 Speakers



MISTRA’s research covers nation-formation, economic growth and social equity.

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MISTRA staff regularly contributes to both print and electronic media on a wide range of policy-related issues of current relevance in the public discourse.

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MISTRA produces a range of publications, including occasional papers, Monthly Briefings, speeches and conference papers to impact continuously on public discourse on a wide range of strategic policy-relevant issues.

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MISTRA conducts regular open and closed dialogues in partnership with relevant organisations as well as like-minded institutions. Strategic Reflections meant to add value to public discourse and to incubate ideas by providing a platform for societal dialogue.

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Latest on MISTRA 2016

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Book Launch: The Emergenc ... 6 Dec 2016

The Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) will launch a report titled: The Emergence of Systems of Innovation in South(ern) Africa: Long Histories and Contemporary Debates on the 06 December 2016 in Pretoria.

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Colloquium on Systemic Ed ... 18 Nov 2016 MISTRA

Mapungubwe Institute (MISTRA) Colloquium on Systemic Educational Reforms: Lessons from the Eastern Cape which will be held on the 07 December 2016 at Cedarwoods of Sandton.

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Social Cohesion Dialogue 24 Nov 2016

Speech by Executive Director, Joel Netshitenzhe at the Social Cohesion Policy Dialogue held on the 24 November 2016 in Pretoria.

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MISTRA Monthly Briefing 39 31 Aug 2016

MISTRA’s Monthly Briefing is a newsletter from the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection. It aims to inform MISTRA’s partners about the Institute’s research, strategic reflections, published papers, and other news relating to the network of people and organisations committed to MISTRA’s work.

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