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Speeches Archives

Tuesday 29 October | 2013

"The Vision Of Seme 107 Years On: Is Civilisation Still A Dream And Is The Regeneration Of Africa Possible?" Joel Netshitenzhe presented the Inaugural Pixley ka Isaka Seme Lecture, at Columbia University on 29 October 2013.

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Saturday 1 December | 2012

A tribute to Prof Jakes Gerwel by Joel Netshitenzhe, Executive Director, MISTRA. Professor Gerwel should not have gone – at least not now – and so otherwise impose on us the painful task of speaking about him in the past tense. I’m quite certain that wherever he may be in the nooks and crannies of the universe he is feeling as awkward as all of us: not so much for the praises that are truly deserved; but because pomp and circumstance seemed to irritate him.

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Thursday 31 May | 2012

In a speech made at the Young Communist League's Bua Thursdays, Joel Netshitenzhe discusses the competing identities of a National Liberation Movement versus electoral party politics, and the challenges of incumbency that arise.

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Wednesday 25 April | 2012

Rio+20 offers a wonderful opportunity to re-affirm what is good and continuous about the Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, adopted at Stockholm on 16 June 1972, and re-affirmed in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. If we go back to the Rio Principles, and try to understand how we describe, and respond to, the environment and each other, and the decisions we make within and across countries, twenty years later we could not re-craft these principles in any other way.

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Monday 12 December | 2011

Professor Victor Ralushai, an industrious scholar of African knowledge systems and their application to modern life, passed away early in October 2011 at the age of 76. In an age of globalisation of culture, he will long be remembered for profiling the cultural heritage of South Africa’s people in the intersection of geographic space and culture across the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers.

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Thursday 17 March | 2011

Welcome address by MISTRA executive director, Joel Netshitenzhe, at the Launch dinner of the Mapungubwe Institute fo Strategic Reflections.

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MISTRA Archives

Mr Ndletyana comments . . .

Mr Ndletyana writes on SA Sovereignty following the Gupta-Zuma Affair and Mr Sekibakiba Peter Lekgoathi expresses his views on the relevance of chieftainship

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Encouraging debate to . . .

Mahmood Mamdani – man on a mission to find answers to worldwide political and social challenges, writes Janet Smith.

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