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    MAPPS Lecture Presented by Joel Netshitenzhe

    Date published:27 May  2016
    Article category: Media

    The Management of African Political Parties School (MAPPS) hosted Mapungubwe Institute's Executive Director, Joel Netshitenzhe, for its lecture which took place on 24 May 201:
    Joel Netshitenzhe, MISTRA Executive Director
    24 May 2016
    This paper covers a complex issue; and the hope is that it will add some value to ongoing discourse on the post-colonial state
    The content is informed by South Africa’s experience, and specific references include: ANC Strategy and Tactics document, Discussion Document on Balance of Forces for the 2015 NGC, and some papers on the state of the South Africa state and ‘sins of incumbency’.
    It may as well be that some of the issue being raised have been aired in previous lectures. The hope is that this will add a different nuance; but more critically, also help to ensure that what has been learned over the past fortnight hangs together, at a conceptual and generic level.
    To read full speech click here: MAPPS 2016 Lecture by Joel Netshitenzhe.pdfMAPPS 2016 Lecture by Joel Netshitenzhe.pdf

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