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    Competing Identities of a National Liberation Movement by Joel Netshitenzhe

    Date published:31 May  2012
    Article category: Speeches

    Firstly, this issue of challenges of incumbency arises because we are concerned not so much with competing but contradictory identities: whether as cadres we have not become six-day sinners who on “Sundays” go for penance at rallies, branch and other meetings, BUA Thursdays and so on; but then revert to the sinner’s default for the rest of the week!

    Secondly, it seems that we have developed the tendency to deal with the “sins of incumbency” narrowly in terms of values, culture and traditions – as a subjective phenomenon – without reference to the class structure of South African society and the changing income dynamics since the attainment of democracy.

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    2.Competing identities of a National liberation Movement.pdfCompeting identities of a National liberation Movement.pdf

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