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    Monthly Briefing 34

    Date published:02 November  2015
    Article category: Media

    In Monthly Briefing Number#34 we report on:

    In issue Number#34 we report on:

    • Upcoming MISTRA Roundtable on Whiteness - Whites, Afrikaans, Afrikaners: Addressing Post-Apartheid Legacies, Privileges and Burdens
    • Launch conference of research report titled Earth, Wind & Fire Conference: Unpacking the political, economic and security implications of the discourse on the Green Economy.
    • Presentation by MISTRA’s Executive Director, Joel Netshitenzhe at the Policy Conference of the Black Management Forum entitled, Breaking the cycle: How to fast-track South Africa’s Economic Transformation
    • MISTRA’s 4th Annual Lecture presented by Rami Khouri and a seminar on Hizbullah Then and Now presented by Ellen Khouri.
    • Discussion on book chapter: The Philosophy of Chinese Civilization: ‘Values in China as compared to Africa’
    • Workshop titled Mapping the Cultural Authority of Science (MACAS)
    • Colloquia on research projects titled Changing Economic Balances in Africa and The Great Recession Presentation by MISTRA’s Executive Director, Joel Netshitenzhe, at the 4th China-Africa Think Tanks Forum (CATTF IV) entitled: New Trends in Africa's Development and Partnership with China
    • Roundtable on the results of the Local Government Audit
    • A range of articles and interviews, including: Energy should be accessible to all, but it should be sustainable – MISTRA and Earthlife urges S Africa to cut reliance on coal-fired power stations, both by Megan van Wyngaardt, No transformation without student participation by David Maimela, A woman president: borgen, Dlamini-Zuma and ‘firsts’ by Danielle Bowler, and Social contracts as a way to further an inclusive economic agenda which mentions Yacoob Abba-Omar.
    • The appointment of Ralph Mathekga as Head of Political Economy Faculty.
    • The attainment of PhD by Ngakaemang Mosiane, researcher in Faculty Humanity

    To read MISTRA Monthly Briefing 34 click here

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