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    Monthly Briefing 27

    Date published:06 November  2014
    Article category: Media

    MISTRA Monthly Briefing#27


    MISTRA’s Monthly Briefing is a newsletter from the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection.  It aims to inform MISTRA’s partners about the Institute’s research, strategic reflections, published papers, and other news relating to the network of people and organisations committed to MISTRA’s strategic engagement with the issues facing South Africa. The briefing is issued monthly.


    In issue Number#27 we report on:

    ·       20 Years of South African Democracy: So Where to Now? a joint conference by the Mapungubwe Institute and the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute at the University of South Africa to be held on 12-13 November 2014 at UNISA

    ·       Oxfam and Civil Society Inequality Symposium addressed by MISTRA Executive Director, Joel Netshitenzhe

    ·       The release of MISTRA’s research findings on the elections, titled Voting Trends Twenty Years Into Democracy: Analysis of South Africa's National and Provincial Elections

    ·       A range of media articles, includingThe impact of SA policy on inequality” by Joel Netshtienzhe,  Let`s get non-racialism right” by Yacoob Abba Omar, “Making a mockery of parliament” and “Repositioning A Troubled ANC” by Dr Mcebisi Ndletyana, and “Fixing soccer’s wrong economics in Malawi” by Dr Betchani Tchereni

    ·       Conferences and events attended by MISTRA staff, including the Inaugural Annual Lecture of the ANC Inland Branch presented by Yacoob Abba Omar, Director Operations, The 12th Globelics Conference in Addis Ababa attended by MISTRA senior researcher Radhika Perrot, and the Make a Plan’ Design Policy Conference, attended by Dr Hester du Plessis, Head of Faculty of Humanity. 

    Download a PDF of MISTRA Monthly Briefing#27: MMB27.pdfMMB27.pdf

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