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Encouraging debate to find solutions 24 Mar 2013 Janet Smith, Sunday Independent

Mahmood Mamdani – man on a mission to find answers to worldwide political and social challenges, writes Janet Smith.

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Netshitenzhe sees opportunity for SA in global f ... 9 Nov 2012 Sarah Wild, Business Day

If SA could reach the Department of Science and Technology’s target of securing 25% of the global fuel cell market it would add billions to the economy, writes Sarah Wild.

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South Africa needs to recycle more to cut waste 25 Nov 2011 Keith Campbell, Engineering News

South Africa needs to properly stimulate the recycling and remanufacturing of manufactured goods, as part of the country’s response to climate change.

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Global niche opportunities for SA as fuel cells ... 8 Nov 2011 Keith Campbell, Engineering News

South Africa could benefit, in terms of business and jobs, in servicing the emerging hydrogen economy segment around the world.

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Divided it stands; fall it will. 3 Oct 2011 Justice Malala,

Leading intellectual Joel Netshitenzhe said two weeks ago that the ANC was "the critical ingredient of the glue that holds South Africa together".

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