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    CDE-MISTRA Event on How Capitalism Can Deliver for Everyone in SA

    Article written by: Joel Netshitenzhe | Date published:29 March  2017

    Article category: Media

    On the 29 March 2017, the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) and Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) brought together business leaders and policy experts on a frank discussion on how to deal with poverty, unemployment and inequality. 
    South Africa is on a low road of stagnating growth, our ‘good story’ of democratisation and greater inclusion sounds more hollow to the unemployed and poor who remain excluded from what, in truth, has always been an insider story. Even those, black and white, who have done well out of South Africa’s transformation from racial tyranny, have reason to be concerned about the future as we get poorer and slide into a zero-sum contest for the fruits of a stagnating economy. Some of our situation can be explained by unfavourable global economic conditions and the legacy of apartheid, but too much is the result of poor policy choices and misguided thinking about what drives growth and employment.
    The CDE and MISTRA discussion aimed to discover how Capitalism can deliver for everyone in South Africa.
    Ann Bernstein, CDE’s Executive Director, Joel Netshitenzhe, MISTRA’s Executive Director, Laurie Dippenaar, Co-founder and chairman First Rand ​and Dr Nicolas Pons-Vignon, WITS economics lecturer.
    Click here to downloadJoel Netshitenzhe Presentation_How Can Capitalism Deliver for Everyone in SA_CDEMISTRA_20170329.pdfJoel Netshitenzhe Presentation_How Can Capitalism Deliver for Everyone in SA_CDEMISTRA_20170329.pdf

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