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    The Great Recession and its Implications for Human Values: Lessons for Africa

    The Great Recession, which started around 2007, stands out as the most significant crisis of global capitalism since the 1930s, both in scope and intensity. The publication aims to understand the implications of the recession and responses to it, especially in the arena of human values and approaches to social relations.
    The report examines the reasons behind and the implications of the ongoing global economic recession particularly for the South African economy and economies of the rest of the African continent. 
    Below is a breakdown of the chapters of the report including the list of contributors:
    • Unpacking the Great Recession and its Implications Vusi Gumede
    • Setting the Scene: Framing the Debate on the Great Recession Joel Netshitenzhe, Vusi Gumede and Samuel Oloruntoba 
    • The Great Recession: Origins, Implications and Responses Thabo Mbeki 
    • The Global Economic Crisis and Africa’s Economic Performance Akpan Ekpo 
    • Features of Financial Markets and Global Trade Relations: Implications for Civilians Across the Globe Iraj Abedian 
    • The Link and Impact of Financial Innovation on Economic Growth in Africa Charlotte du Toit 
    • The Global Economic Recession and the Roles of the State in Bailouts: Implications for the Future of Development in Africa Samuel Oloruntoba 
    • African Economies Post the Global Financial Crisis: Potential and Prospect Lumkile Mondi 
    • Horizontal Economy: How Africa Can Build a Thriving Economy in the Twenty-first CenturyLorenzo Fioramonti 
    • The 'Africa Rising' Narrative in the Context of the Global Economic and Ecological Crisis Devan Pillay 
    • Africans Continue Uprising Against ‘Africa Rising’ – Patrick Bond 
    • Politics of Numbers: Deconstructing Statistics in the African Growth Narrative Pali Lehohla 
    • Postscript: In Lieu of a Conclusion Joel Netshitenzhe and Vusi Gumede 
    To purchase a copy of this publication contact Angela McClelland at or 011 646 2844.​

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