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    The Emergence of Systems of Innovation in South(ern) Africa: Long Histories and Contemporary Debates

    The Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) report titled: The Emergence of Systems of Innovation in South(ern) Africa: Long Histories and Contemporary Debates is edited by Professor Mario Scerri, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI) and Professor of Economics at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). 

    The question addressed in this study is the existence, nature and the evolution of systems of innovation in science and technology-based economies in Southern Africa. The study critically re-evaluates industrial, technological and innovation processes as well as the complexities which arise because of the interdependencies and embedded nature of these sectors within the economy.

    The book is organised in two sections, the first discussing the chronological history of innovation while the second addresses several critical aspects of the post-apartheid national system of innovation. The chapters are transdisciplinary in nature ranging from, ‘Mining and metallurgical innovations in pre-colonial Southern Africa’ by Professor Shadreck Chirikure from the Archaeology Department at the University of Cape Town, to ‘The Co-Evolution of the South African National System of Innovation (1948-2014)’ by Professor Rasigan Maharajh of the Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST) at Stellenbosch University and ‘The Human Factor in the Evolution of the South African System of Innovation,’ that is co-authored by Dr Lebs Mphahlele, Director at the National School of Government and Professor Mario Scerri.

    To purchase a copy of this publication please contact Angela McClelland at or 011 646 2844.


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