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    “South African Development? Perspectives in Question”

    Book Release: “South African Development? Perspectives in Question” By Leslie Dikeni

    MISTRA is proud to announce the book release of “South African Development? Perspectives in Question”, a contemporary monograph by Leslie Dikeni Senior Researcher in MISTRA’s Faculty of Humanity.

    The book is a mine for original thinkers. It provides a rich vein of experiences and theoretical reflections on the way state and social actors interact. Anyone interested in development policies should read this forceful call to “think more, think hard, think better”- Professor Nicola Viegi
    All too often the issues of social development as well as the institutions and practices required to attain this are treated in intellectual discourse as theoretical concepts underpinned by aggregate national and international data. In this challenging sociological work, Leslie M. Dikeni eschews this: he brings together different “case studies” on local experiences of the relationship between government and communities. Thus unfolds, in this interesting work, many unique lessons for discourse on the generic dynamic of state-citizen-market relations.

    Building on the theoretical and methodological foundations of an actor-orientated form of analysis, the author sets out to challenge standard approaches to development practice.

    A fresh, sharp and imaginative critique of South Africa’s development trajectory since 1994 by one of the country’s most incisive minds. A very important contribution to South Africa’s post-apartheid development discourse – William Gumede

    Leslie Mxolisi Dikeni is a senior researcher in the Faculty of Humanity’s at the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA). He is a visiting Research Fellow at the school of Public and Development Management, University of the Witwatersrand, as well as a Research Associate at the University of Pretoria in the Department of Political Sciences.

    Dikeni is co-editor with William Gumede of the book Poverty of Ideas: The Retreat of Intellectuals in New Democracies.

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