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    MISTRA Annual Report 2011/2012

    Looking back on the past year, there is a sense of being pummelled by economic and political developments, both at home and internationally. The demand for immediate solutions has — and still is — intense. But this has blurred the fact that globally we have reached a crucial junction that requires what MISTRA has so correctly identified: ‘strategic reflection’. Whether we are dealing with the Euro Crisis or our own severe fault-lines in key parts of state administration, we know that we need to be thinking quite differently about the future.

    This makes the purpose of MISTRA ever more important. Against this context, it is most heartening to see the vision of MISTRA come to life, as it concludes its first research projects. They are the strategic core of MISTRA’s work, offering the long-term perspectives that too often get sidelined amidst the pushes and pulls of the present. That said,

    MISTRA has engaged in current debates, published in the media and produced its own publications. It has most certainly carved out its space in South Africa’s intellectual arena, influencing perspectives and providing a platform for intellectual collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

    Jenny Cargill

    Chairperson of the Council of Advisors

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