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    Beyond Imagination: The Ethics and Applications of Nanotechnology and Bio-Economics in South Africa

    Nanotechnology is sweeping the world. This science of very small particles, which includes genetic modification and the reconfiguring of atoms, presents possibilities beyond imagination. It also has huge implications for us all, especially here at home. 
    In countries like like India, nanotechnology is being supported as a source of income and innovation. It has the potential to improve both the human condition and a country's productivity and competitiveness. South Africa has made substantial progress in the research and development of nanotechnology and biotechnology. In developing countries, these emerging technologies have the potential to increase productivity and advance human progress in an increasingly technology-driven world. They are reshaping the landscape of science and technology. However, the potential benefits of these technologies also pose risks to human health and the environment and it is therefore important that consideration is given to protecting users, researchers and others who interact with nanomaterial and biomaterial.
    Beyond Imagination: The Ethics and Applications of Nanotechnology and Bio-Economics in South Africa, can be purchased from: or 011 628 3200​.​​​


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