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MISTRAs core work comprises research, consultancies undertaken for public and private entities and strategic reflections (events) comprising specialised seminars, annual lectures, strategic workshops/retreats and lectures. 


MISTRA publishes a range of publications that arise from these activities


The Institute has, to date, published the following research reports arising from its core priority research projects:


·      The Art, Philosophy and Science of Football in South Africa

·    Mapungubwe Reconsidered – Exploring Beyond the Rise and Decline of the Mapungubwe State

·    The Concept and Application of Transdisciplinarity in Intellectual Discourse and Research

·       South Africa and the Global Hydrogen Economy – the Strategic Role of Platinum Group Metals

·     Patronage Politics Divides us: A study of poverty, patronage and inequality in South Africa

·        Essays on the Evolution ofthe Post Apartheid State

·       Nation Formation and Social Cohesion: An Enquiry into the Hopes and Aspirations of South Africa

The following lectures have also been published by MISTRA:

·      From Agriculture to Agricology - Towards a Glocal Circular Economy by Prof Dani Nabudere

·      Building the African state in the age of globalisation: The Role of Social Compacts by Prof Thandika Mkandawire

·       Beyond Nuremberg: The Historical Significance of the Post-Apartheid Transition in South Africa by Prof Mahmood Mamdani

·       For Africa to Live, the Nation Must Die? - The fluidity of African identity in a Changing Continent By Mrs Graca Machel

The following publications were launched in partnership:

·    The 2014 African Transformation Report was launched in partnership with the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET)

To purchase MISTRA publications please contact Ms Angela McClelland at or on 27-11-646-2844

A selection of MISTRA publications can also be bought from