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    The ‘Black’ Preacher and Social Transformation

    A preacher as transformer is material instance where words do make a man. As it is said, a preacher without words is mute, a handless painter. Words are a vessel of verification to that clothed speaker used to draw vectors of direction; words hanging in the air as colours seen depicting anguish, expectations, hope of kairos, and healing. They open doors to possibilities of what has been and possibly could be from canvas of what is. In them is a reflection of how life is and a shadow for hiding what is best left unsaid. A man becomes a sum total of a fuller human being when his words whisk thought into action. How people react to such words says sufficiently enough about acquired abilities and organic blessings of the proprietor of words. Reactions are most often an indication of where hearers are positioned in stations of life. For some they could hear a signpost of what has been an honoured life of privilege by dint of metonymical make-up; while for others it is a poignant reminder of their rights removed from a safety net of being a human being. A role of that preacher is immense if it is to retain its urgency for the latter and deplorable in its provocative stance for the former. In those rare breeds is a developed coherent worldview encapsulating the signpost and reminder mentioned above. A people grow and develop to richer society if life is lived courageously*, as it should be for those condemned to repression.
    In crucible of material welfare the dream is action. The patriotism of such a man and support of people then mobilised is compelled by conscience whose heartbeat mirrors collective liberation. Any idea of death in pursuance of that dream-as-action, is sacrifice at alter of what makes a man fuller as a human being. Most evident in struggle for political cause is a premise of principle. A wealth of freedom attained would be the result of work clear in ambition, ambition as forged from knowledge of a man in his moral deportment. Qualities of leadership delineate their purview of individual operation within radar of these Gandhian seven social sins, and more. Needless to say, they are a garden of toil and reward and require constant work of and for self-purification, valuing those scrounging in activity seemingly mundane to an outsider.

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