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    ANC and the NDR in the Current Phase

    By Joel Netshitenzhe
    The focus of the presentation is on broad trends within South Africa’s political economy in line with the request to deal with the ANC in the current phase. Will try to be as brief as possible merely to lay a foundation for discussion.
    A recurrent question that I’m quite certain most of us come across these days is: Quo Vadis SA, and in turn, Quo Vadis ANC. In the current period, the fate of the ANC is closely linked to that of SA because, as we know, the ANC does not exist for its own sake – but to lead society in constructing a new and equitable socio-political system.
    The question whether the country is on the right track arises because of a variety of negative macro-economic and macro-social trends that are manifesting at various levels.
    However, our view is that, in the midst of hyperbole, we should not miss the major achievements that the country has made and continues to make in improving the human condition. On the other hand, an unbridled positivity and defensiveness can tempt us to avert our eyes from danger signals.
    And so, Quo Vadis South Africa?
    Download the full presentation here: Joel Netshitenzhe_MK National Council_20161217.pdfJoel Netshitenzhe_MK National Council_20161217.pdf

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