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    Building the African state in the age of globalisation: The role of social compacts and lessons for South Africa.

    For all the predictions of its demise, the state in Africa is alive in all its diverse manifestations. The complete breakdown of the state in places such as Somalia are the exception that proves the rule, although judging from some writings one would think that they are the norm. The real issue then is not so much “building” the African state but making it a more accountable and more efficient instrument for addressing the issues that Africans have reason to consider fundamental. A growing understanding is that we are talking about “democratic developmental states”:- developmental (in the sense that they facilitate and promote economic growth and structural transformation), democratic (in the sense that they derive their legitimacy through popular participation and electoral process) and socially inclusive (in the sense that they pursue social policies that ensure equitable entitlements of all their citizens to ensure that their capacities and functioning are adequate for a decent inclusion in societal affairs).

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