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    Conference Papers

    Reflections on the building blocks for rapid African advancement

    Joel Netshitenzhe: Executive Director (MISTRA), NEC (ANC)

    19 July 2010

    The advent of the new millennium has seen the reawakening of discourse and action on African  development and continental renewal. 
    While this has been more prominently articulated by a new corps of African leaders, this development also reflects the stirring of a new consciousness among Africa’s intellectuals and other sectors of the middle strata as well as the business community, workers and broader civil society. The common objective among these sectors is to define a trajectory for the continent to extricate itself from the status of development laggard. 
    In this context, the generic notions of human progress and the set of policies and programmes that should constitute a progressive African agenda have increasingly come under the spotlight. While these notions lend themselves to subjective interpretation, there is broad agreement that core attributes of a progressive agenda should in the main include: modernisation of productive forces, improvement in the socio-economic condition of African citizens and consistent political freedom. 
    There is also an appreciation, in both intellectual discourse and collective continental policy, that a renewal of the kind that takes the continent beyond the false starts of the past few decades requires as its spatial theatre a national, regional and continental dimension.
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    Address by the Deputy President, Kgalema Motlanthe, at the African Progress Conference in Madrid, Spain​

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