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    Solving the Energy and Sustainable development problem in Africa

    ​Solving the Energy and Sustainable development problem in Africa. 
    Paper presented by Dr Betchani H. M. Tchereni, Senior Researcher: Political Economy at the 4th Annual African Unity for Renaissance Conference
    Among the many problems faced by the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) region is poor energy supply to both firms and households. Noteworthy is the fact that over 90% of the population depend on Biomass. Clean energy supply in the SSA does not meet demand and this is the major problem. People are not concerned about climate change but rather whether they will be able to get some useful energy facilities for their household and industrial uses. 

    However, these problems are occurring in the face of advanced and new energy facilities invented in many parts of the world. Despite the availability of sunlight for at least 10 hours a day and free moving wind, Africa and particularly the SSA is still facing energy supply problems. The international community has stepped up the fight against carbon releases due to any form of  production. 

    However,  one  observes  easily  that  the  developed  world  is  surviving  on  energy provision from sources that are contributing to the pollution. USA, UK, China and RSA are some of the countries which are run on coal fired generators for energy provision. African states  however  are  denied  the  opportunity  and  chance  to  first  provide  the  energy  and  then begin  to  talk  about  sustainability. 

    The  paper  observes  that  using  her  yet  to  be  nurtured resource  based  potential  for  industrialisation;  Africa  is  being  imposed  to  follow  a  green growth path. This study explores the paradox of providing alternative energy to poor people while balancing the need to address climate change problems. The energy-sustainability mix of Africa is being over emphasised and with it the most important element of making energy available to the people is being overlooked. The paper concludes that the industrialisation of Africa is possible first with the provision of energy, and then after the fact, considering green growth. 

    Download a PDF of ​Solving the Energy and Sustainable development problem in Africa Betchani Paper.pdfBetchani Paper.pdf


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