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    MISTRA 5th Annual Lecture by Prof Vivek Chibber

    Venue: University of Johannesburg, Bunting Road Campus, FADA Auditorium

     April 15 2016

    State and business in post-colonial societies: what lessons can South Africa draw from the contrasting experiences of India and South Korea
    MISTRA'S 5th Annual Lecture presented by Prof Vivek Chibber
    16 March 2016
    It’s a tremendous honour to be here today, a tremendous pleasure to be back in South Africa. This is my third trip and every time I’ve been here I feel I’ve learnt so much. And to see comrades, colleagues, well-wishers, students in the audience, to have MISTRA organise this, to cooperate with the University of Johannesburg and with all the very honoured guests and delegates here, it’s really quite humbling and quite an honoured experience for me. MISTRA had asked me to say something about the prospects for development in a country like South Africa and what the lessons from previous attempts, both successful and less successful, might have to offer to a country like South Africa.
    Indeed, I think there is much to be learnt from the experiences of other countries coming out of the colonial era. South Africa, of course, is one of the last ones to experience a liberation struggle and at least an internal decolonisation if not an external one. Nevertheless, the modalities of its independence struggle, the challenges that it faces now with the extreme poverty, the small industrial base and the extraordinary ambitions and demands on the state to foster development as a means of increasing incomes, increasing standards of living – those challenges, even though they come at a later stage and later era in 20th century – in 21st century – capitalism, nevertheless they are quite similar to what countries like India and Korea faced.
    To read more, download PDF of lecture:
    Prof Chibber Lecture.pdfProf Chibber Lecture.pdf

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