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    MISTRA Triumvirate Workshop


     August 26 2011

    The MISTRA Triumvirate workshop on the 2nd of August 2011 provided participants in all the different projects to meet and present the current status of the projects. This event provided not only an opportunity to reflect on the way forward, but scope for comparisons and the identification of either similarities or deficiencies in the projects. By doing this at such an early stage provides space for timeous interventions.  At the same time, the exercise provided the individual members within the projects to measure their own progress as well as get an estimation of the comparative quality of their research.
    It was very useful to listen to the introductory presentation by the Executive Director Joel Netshitenzhe as a reminder of the overall aims and objectives of MISTRA. It was refreshing to be reminded of the open and facilitating approach to research – especially for academics coming from the restrictive, out-dated and silo-mentality process followed by our Universities.

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