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​Director: Project Management

Director Project Management

The Project Management Directorate manages all of MISTRA's research conducted as consultancy services for external parties.

Director Project Management: Xolelwa Kashe-Katiya

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Xolelwa Kashe-Katiya studied towards a BSc degree at the University of Cape Town where she majored in Archaeology. After graduating, she went on to complete an Honours​ degree in Physical Anthropology, at the University of Pretoria. In 2010 she was awarded a fellowship by the Archives and Public Culture Research Initiative to complete a Master of Philosophy degree in Heritage and Public Culture at the University o​f Cape Town’s Centre for African Studies.

She has in the past worked as a researcher and project manager in donor-funded, public and academic environments. Her past duties included quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation of complex projects, specifically in the media, cultural and creative industries.  She has also assisted in providing intellectual, political, and professional direction to projects that serve as a platform for the arts, archives and heritage practitioners. She is passionate about critical engagements with knowledge production and the dissemination of knowledge within African contexts. 

Xolelwa is also a correspondent at the Archival Platform and has recently been appointed as an Honorary Research Associate by the University of Cape Town.

Xolelwa has also worked as MISTRA's Head of Consultancy Services. In December 2016, she was promoted to Director: Project Management.