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    Encha Group

    Encha Group is proud to announce its association with Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection. Encha Group has been awarded the Golden leopard in recognition of its contribution to the work of MISTRA.

    Encha Mission:

    • Encha is a strategy-led and research driven investment house.
    • Our Mission is to be a consistently successful investment house that creates wealth that will grow steadily over many generations and contribute significantly to the economic development of our country and the African continent while ensuring that our shareholders, management teams, employees, co-investors, investee companies and other stakeholders partake fairly in our growth and success.​

    Tiego Moseneke, Chairman of Encha Group, said:
    “Encha believes in the great potential of South Africa and her people. In order to achieve our greatness, our approach to the issues facing us must be scientific and research based. We must also create room for robust debate and grow an army of credible and fiercely independent thinkers. MISTRA delivers on both counts and is therefore deserving of our ongoing support.”

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